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For areas with varied climates like New Hampshire, we recommend asphalt shingles for their adaptability and metal roofing for its durability and snow-shedding capabilities. Slate is also excellent for its longevity and classic appeal, standing up well to the region’s weather extremes.

In regions with heavy snowfall and abundant foliage like ours, it’s wise to clean gutters at least twice a year. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent blockages that can lead to water damage or ice dams, common issues during New Hampshire’s winters.

The duration can vary based on factors like roof size and material. In areas with unpredictable weather, such as New Hampshire, it’s also important to account for potential weather-related delays. Generally, a roofing project can take from a singular day to a week, and we always aim for efficiency without compromising quality.

Clearing the area around your property and securing valuables inside your home are good first steps. Considering the local climate, we also recommend planning installations during milder weather periods to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Absolutely! Quality siding provides excellent insulation, which is particularly beneficial in climates with harsh winters and hot summers. In areas like New Hampshire, insulated vinyl or fiber cement siding can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs while also enhancing your home’s exterior durability.

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